Many plastic bags from local bazaar with many vegetables and fruits. Environment pollution with nylon bags
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Haagensen Plast AS

Haagensen Plast AS is among Norway's leading companies in extrusion (production of plastic) and processing of polyethylene plastic film for the fishing, meat, agriculture, transport, and trade industries.


The operation of automatic plastic bag production machine with lighting effect. Close-up of the roller of the plastic bag production machine in the light blue scene.

Flexible plastic production

Haagensen Plast AS develops, produces, and delivers many products such as plastic film, sheets, hoses, and bags—both with and without print.

They have a wide range of standard products and tailor-made solutions, and work closely with their customers to meet their unique needs.

Haagensen Plast AS aims to work actively with their customers to contribute solutions and products that reduce their environmental impact. This means that emphasis is placed on environmental consequences throughout the product’s lifetime.

Together with their customers, Haagensen Plast AS will develop products and solutions that use the least possible resources, contribute minimal pollution, and result in less waste and increased recycling.

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