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We are committed to environmental sustainability and social responsibility in the global marketplace.


Our commitment to environmental and social responsibility

Rubb Industries AS, a key participant in the global marketplace, is committed to minimising the environmental impact of its industrial enterprises. We are engaged in constant self-improvement to reduce energy usage and handle waste more efficiently.

The Transparency Act

We strive to operate our company responsibly, with a firm belief in equal rights for all. We extend this principle to our suppliers, expecting them to adhere to the ten principles of the UN Global Compact for responsible business operations.

UN Global Compact

Understanding the Transparency Act

The Transparency Act is designed to encourage businesses to respect fundamental human rights and maintain acceptable working conditions. It also promotes public access to information. The Act serves dual purposes, imposing both a duty to provide information and a duty to conduct due diligence assessments on businesses.

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Evaluating Suppliers and Partners

Rubb Industries AS, along with its subsidiaries, has undertaken a comprehensive effort to map our value chain. This mapping serves as a cornerstone in ensuring we fulfill the reporting requirements of the new Transparency Act.

This mapping also provides guidelines to determine which of our suppliers and partners require additional follow-ups.

The results of our due diligence assessments will be disclosed in a separate report.

Decisions from the Board

In November 2022, the Zurhaar AS board resolved to develop our group, our people, and their working environments, focusing on respect, equality, and benefit for individuals and society as a whole.

Due Diligence Assessment

Rubb Industries AS has not received any public inquiries related to our business operations. For any questions or other inquiries, feel free to reach us at